Why is Igloo a great option during winter

Why is Igloo a great option during winter

An igloo dome tent may be strange to you when you first see it during winter. While you may wonder how people can survive in it during winter, you may also want to question why they choose it during winter. This guide explains the reason the Igloo is a preferred option during winter.

It has great stability

Going out during winter usually seems like something illegal to do. Everywhere is cold and covered up in the snow, depending on where you are; hence, except it is very important, you should be reluctant to go out in the cold. If not for the apparent factors, because of your health. However, if you want to see the true beauty of any location, wait until the snow is out. Hence, it is hard to ignore. However, when you are out in the winter, you need shelter, and there is no better option than an Igloo. With the Igloo, you have enough stability against the winter. There is a catenary curve within the Igloo that ensures that the structure stays and remains firm when there are the strongest winds. Winter tents may get affected by the wind, but because of that catenary curve,  the Igloo remains in a position.

It provides enough warmth and coziness

If you must go out during winter, you need some warmth. Remember that snow has a lot of water content; hence starting a fire outside may be a complete waste of time. Luckily, with an Igloo, you may not even need any fire when it's time to get warmth. An Igloo can give you all of the warmth you need within the winter. The Igloo is a structure made out of snow-packed tightly. When this snow comes together, pockets of air get trapped within the snow. Surprisingly, this air does not get affected by the snow, hence causing insulation within the Igloo. So while the Igloo may be placed in a location that has a -3°C temperature, the inside may be more than 20° or even higher.

There is enough room

Igloos have the shape of a dome, but this time, there may be more space for you to arrange things. Compared to a winter tent, the Igloo almost has double the space you can get in a winter tent. There are different brands in the production of Igloos that can give you space depending on your preference and need. Hence, you can have more than four or five people in an igloo while exploring the winter.

Igloos are environmentally compatible

The environment we live in is already contaminated by many particles that are harmful to your health. Since we can not suddenly decide to clean the whole world, we can at least ensure that cleaning our environment is a habit. When you build an Igloo, you are not using any complex procedures that will release harmful gasses into society. Likewise, your structure is a stable one that just any wind can not shake; hence, there is little or no effect on the environment. You can put the igloo anywhere since it is safe for everyone.