Creative Ways to Use Preschool Playground Equipment for PE Classes

Creative Ways to Use Preschool Playground Equipment for PE Classes

Physical education (PE) is an essential component of the curriculum, and it's crucial to keep children engaged and active during these classes. With school playground equipment, you can make physical education classes fun, creative, and beneficial for students.

This blog post will share some creative and fun ideas for using preschool playground equipment to keep your kids active during PE classes.

Obstacle Course

Bring out the inner ninja in your students by creating an obstacle course with playground equipment like ladders, monkey bars, and balance beams. Please encourage students to work on their strength, balance, and agility while completing the course.


Divide the class into two teams and use the existing playground equipment as a rope to play the classic game of tug-of-war. This game helps build endurance, strength, and teamwork.

Jumping and Hopping

Use hopscotch or other markers on the playground to encourage jumping exercises that increase balance, strength, and spatial awareness. Turn these into games that challenge the students and encourage competitive yet fun activities.

Basketball Drills

Use the basketball nets to teach basic basketball skills. You can teach dribbling drills, shooting, and even play a game of basketball with the class.


Put that rubber ground slab to use by having the students participate in yoga exercises. Introducing basic yoga movements will help students manage stress and anxiety and improve flexibility and balance.

Relay Races

Divide the class into equal groups and use various play equipment available in the school playground to create relay races. These relay races will get students running around the playground, using their muscles and building endurance.

Rock Climbing

Most modern playgrounds have rock climbing walls built into them. This equipment can improve upper body strength, problem-solving, and coordination skills.

Circuit Training

Use the various playground equipment to create a circuit training program for the students. This is a fun and engaging way to develop strength and cardiovascular endurance as they work through short but intense routines.

Benefits of Using Preschool Playground Equipment for PE Classes

Preschool playground equipment can be a game-changer for PE classes in numerous ways. Incorporating this equipment into daily routines can provide a fun learning experience for students and promote physical development and socialization.

Pre-schoolers are at a crucial developmental stage, and the right playground equipment can help them develop their motor skills, balance, and coordination while improving their social skills through group play.

Additionally, using preschool playground equipment in PE classes ensures that students remain engaged throughout the sessions, enhancing their learning experience as they have fun.

Ultimately, incorporating preschool playground equipment into PE classes is a sure way to boost young children's physical and social development while also keeping them motivated and eager to participate in physical activities.


As educators, we are responsible for making outdoor playground for nursery school enjoyable and beneficial for our students. Using the existing school playground equipment, you can create unique and fun experiences for them to enjoy physical activity while learning essential skills.

Implementing these creative, action-based examples in your class will create a more enjoyable classroom environment and promote a healthy lifestyle.